About Us

Nerd Adjacent Productions is proud to present: Geekograph.com

Nerd Adjacent Productions was formed by Faeryn Stevens (the artist) in Shoreline, WA on June 7, 2011.  

It all started with a passion for Firefly.  Faeryn had this amazing proprietary process for etching metal but didn’t know how best to utilize it.  A friend approached her about commissioning a Firefly themed piece.  Faeryn decided to try his hand at designing her first piece of fan art and Geekographs were born. She starting selling her new pieces on Ebay in June 2009.  Customers had nothing but effusive praise for their purchases when they received them.  Emboldened by the fantastic response, she started accepting more and more commissions.

Geekographs are currently being sold by Nerd Adjacent Productions on EbayEtsy and Geekograph.comWe are constantly taking commissions on new designs so please check out our Commissions page.